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If you are sick of sloppy pool service and looking for the best pool service provider in san Diego, our pool service at Pool Service San Diego is the answer. We have a lot of expertise and can provide inexpensive, cutting-edge solutions.

We’re a neighborhood business that takes civic responsibility seriously. Acid washes, continuous swimming pool care and support, filter cleaning, Short-term and long-term maintenance plans, equipment replacement and repair, tile replacement and replacement, power solutions, and green pool service are just some of the services.

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If you’re looking for the best pool service that can come to you the same day you call, we’re the company to call. Our team has been trained properly to provide “Pool Service in San Diego.” Get A Free Quote online today! Simply enter your information and we’ll take care of the rest.

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We offer solutions to fit your schedule, your budget, and your needs.

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★★★★★ We pride ourselves on being prompt for our service appointments. We respect your schedule and understand how precious your time is.

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★★★★★ star service for us is a commitment to constant never-ending improvements. We never settle and you shouldn’t either.

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★★★★★ We obsess over the details, so you won’t have to. A clean pool gives you peace of mind and many wonderful memories.


Pool Service San Diego

Pool Service San Diego CA is a full-service pool service company that provides all kinds of pool services including pool cleaning, pool builders in san diego, swimming pool repair, swimming pool maintenance, and swimming pool service in San Diego, We are a full-service swimming pool company in San Diego that provides everything from patrolling your pool to taking care of your water filtration systems. Whether you are looking for a mechanical repair or a simple cleaning or inspection of your equipment, Our pool contractors in San Diego have everything you need to keep your pool looking great.

Our staff is highly qualified and offers what is best for the customers. We have complete knowledge and understanding of pool service, so for us is the best way to help our customers in San Diego, CA.

Pool Service San Diego CA is the most trusted name in pool service and maintenance in San Diego, CA. We offer a wide range of pool services to keep your pool looking and functioning at its best all year long From weekly cleaning and maintenance to repairs and remodeling we have you covered Call us today for a free consultation.

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Professional pool maintenance and friendly service are two of our company’s greatest strengths, and both are available here in San Diego.
The majority of our business comes from returning customers and word-of-mouth recommendations, and we are always happy to offer references upon request.

Every new client receives a no-cost consultation so we can make sure the services they’re getting are what they need. Get in touch now for your no-cost first assessment!

Pool Contractors San Diego

If you are looking for local pool contractors in san diego you have come to the right place. Here at Pool Service San Diego CA, We offer a wide variety of pool services to choose from We offer everything from pool cleaning and maintenance to pool repairs and installations. No matter what your pool needs are we can help. We also offer a wide variety of pool accessories and supplies to choose from. Whether you are looking for a new pool cover or a new pool filter we have what you need.

Do you want to get your home pool remodeled or renovated? If so you should hire a pool contractor in San Diego. We will inspect the scope of the pool job, and send you a written estimate. An experienced contractor will help you determine the size shape and location of your pool as well as provide advice on other important design considerations. A reliable contractor will also provide detailed written estimates detailing how the pool will be constructed and the cost associated with the different features. A contractor explains the costs of materials labor safety and warranty where necessary the contractor explains the pros and cons of each material.

We have a team of experienced and certified pool professionals ready to serve you Contact us today to learn more about our pool services in San Diego.



Swimming Pool Service And Maintenance In San Diego

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We specialize in professional swimming pool maintenance and repairs. Pool Service San Diego CA can handle just about anything you need in the pool world.

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San Diego Pool Cleaning Service

We specialize in pool maintenance, repair, and cleaning. Our team can help you keep your pool looking spick and span all the time. We offer san diego pool cleaning service.


Pool Remodeling San Diego

Pool owners are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their bottom line and make their pool or spa more comfortable and relaxing. We offer pool remodeling san diego service.

Pool Builders San Diego service

Pool Builders San Diego

We are a highly-skilled pool builders in san diego. We specialize in professional swimming pool maintenance and repairs. We are dedicated to providing pool builders in san diego.

Pool Inspection San Diego service

Pool Inspection San Diego

A pool needs to have a pool inspector who checks the pool for safety. The pool inspector is responsible for looking for defects, such as leaks, fractures, cracks, or other problems with the pool. We offer pool inspection san diego service.

Pool Repair San Diego service

Pool Repair San Diego

We offer all types of services including pool repair san diego, pool heater repair, pool maintenance san diego, water testing, and all the necessary equipment needed to keep your pool in good condition and in compliance.

Pool Heater Repair service

Pool Heater Repair San Diego

We offer all types of services including pool repair san diego and maintenance, pool heater repair san diego, water testing, pool heater installations, and all the necessary equipment needed to keep your pool in good condition and in compliance.


Swimming Pool in San Diego

The swimming pool is a wonderful place to escape the sweltering heat and provides a fun pastime for you or the whole family to enjoy together.

These days, an increasing number of individuals are realizing that swimming in a private pool located in one’s backyard offers a greater variety of advantages than swimming in a public pool.

Private swimming pools are less difficult to get to, provide more convenience, do not require you to travel specifically for a day spent swimming, and allow you to swim for as long as you wish. As a result, you’ll have more chances to spend quality time with the people that matter to you.

However, those who own pools often need to remember that this comes with significant responsibility. The swimming pool is something that has to be maintained and cared for regularly; otherwise, it might result in many different accidents, illnesses, and infections.

Rapid and Creative Pool Maintenance in San Diego

When it comes to residential and commercial pool maintenance in San Diego, no one does it better than Pool Service San Diego.

We now provide comprehensive pool and spa maintenance in San Diego, including filter cleaning, tile replacement, leak identification, acid washes, chlorine washes, and more.

The pool vacuums, service, and repairs we provide are all reasonably priced. We are a neighborhood business providing first-rate options for pool and spa maintenance.


How Often Should a Pool be Serviced?

One of the many aspects of swimming pool maintenance is ensuring that the water and the surrounding area are kept clean. To maintain the cleanliness and safety of your swimming pool, it is highly advised that you get it serviced at least once a week.

Make cleaning your pool simpler and more efficient by purchasing and installing various tools and equipment designed specifically for that purpose. If you do this, you will prevent yourself from putting yourself in situations that you may come to regret in the future.

The following are a few examples of the risks involved with inadequate pool upkeep. Swimming at a public pool exposes swimmers to a significant number of germs and bacteria that may be present in the water.

The water in a swimming pool may get contaminated in many ways; two of the most common are urinating in the Pool and failing to wash off before getting in.
This can make people more susceptible to contracting infectious illnesses and viral infections. In addition, if they are not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, private swimming pools will eventually end up in the same condition.

Swimming pools that have not been adequately or completely cleaned are likely to hold a large number of germs and other potentially hazardous chemicals that may result in adverse effects on one’s health.

The contamination of a pool may be caused by feces, urine, and other potentially hazardous substances. To eliminate the germs that are present in the water, it is not sufficient to remove the potential dangers from the pool using just a scoop and a filter.

These bacteria and germs include, but are not limited to:

If you continue to be exposed to these bacteria, you may get the following symptoms:

Swimming Pool Service And Maintenance In San Diego

Accidents and Damages to the Structures

It is not uncommon for moss and algae to develop in the spaces between the tiles and stone finishes of your pool. These creatures are known to be slimy and slippery to the touch, and if they are not removed, they may cause mishaps related to sliding and falling.

Rhizomes can cause pool tiles to develop microscopic fractures, which will ultimately weaken the tiles.

Stay calm and relaxed if you are unfamiliar with the procedures and tools used for cleaning pools; Pool Service San Diego CA has got your back.

For such challenging circumstances, Pool Service San Diego CA provides expert pool cleaning services for swimming pools. If you entrust us with the maintenance of your pool, you can rest confident that after each cleaning operation, the appearance of your pool will be superior to what it was before.

When It Comes To Your Swimming Pool Pump, Is It Better To Run It During The Day or at Night?

It is common practice to operate it throughout the night, although doing so is inefficient and results in an increase in the amount of time and money required.

During the daytime, when the sun is shining on your pool and when it is being utilized to its fullest extent, you will need to ensure that chlorine is circulating through its filtration system.

To produce and continue to exist, algae needs four different components. One of them is the sun, and if you use it in the evening, you are providing it with unrestricted access.

Running the pump during the night would save you money, but in all honesty, you should run it for at least one hour every day for every 10 degrees of temperature it runs at throughout the day.

The only time you should use the pump at night is when you are doing an effective chemical treatment, such as clearing the water of algae.

Because plants, including algae, do not develop at night in the same manner as during the day, your pool is more susceptible to damage during the day.

San Diego, CA

San Diego is a city on the Pacific Ocean coast of Southern California located immediately adjacent to the Mexico–United States border. With a 2020 population of 1,386,932, it is also the eighth most populous city in the United States and the seat of San Diego County, the fifth most populous county in the United States, with 3,338,330 estimated residents as of 2019. The city is known for its mild year-round climate, natural deep-water harbor, extensive beaches and parks, long association with the U.S. armed forces, and recent emergence as a healthcare and biotechnology development center. San Diego is the second largest city in the state of California after Los Angeles.

Swimming Pool Service And Maintenance In San Diego

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Wow is all I can say about Pool Service San Diego Very professional and thorough-In December Michael came by the house just to check the pool’s winterization and bring a Christmas card to our family Always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I recommended them to my neighbor across the street and she loves them Thank you Pool Service San Diego.
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Pool Service San Diego is an excellent company. Their workers are very professional and nice in addition to Caring. They are always on time and they do great work. If anyone needs a pool service I would recommend Pool Scout. I believe they are the best in this area.
Gene Willard
Gene Willard
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We have been with Pool Service San Diego for a few years and they are yet to disappoint us. They show up on time and quietly do their job in a timely matter. They are a very professional company who always takes time to answer any questions that we may have concerning our pool opening or closing.


The pool needs to be cleaned and cared for regularly. If it isn’t, accidents, diseases, and infections could happen. Keeping your pool clean is just one way to take care of your swimming pool. To keep your pool clean and free of germs, you should have it cleaned at least once a week.

Check the power and then the water if your pool heater won’t turn on. There are only a few reasons why a pool heater won’t turn on Damaged or weak electrical connection Make sure your pump is getting enough power from the circuit breaker and look for broken wires in the unit.

Most of the time, a dirty swimming pool filter is the reason why a pool heater won’t turn on. If the water flow is cut off by a dirty filter or pump basket, the heater won’t work.

Please let us know if you have any specific concerns so that we can address them. Also, we love animals, but if you don’t believe yours will, please keep him or her in a separate location for safety.

For around $30,000 for a vinyl pool and $60,000 for a concrete (gunite) pool, you can change the shape of your pool. This is a big project that will take a lot of work. The whole pool liner will need to be replaced.

A pool can make you more popular and increase the value of your home. But the increase might not be as big as you think. HouseLogic says that there’s no real way to know for sure that you’ll get your money back. In fact, putting in a pool might only add 7% to the value of your home.

The upkeep and repairs and the cost of power and water add an additional $1,000 to $2,000 to the yearly expense of owning a pool. On average, it will cost you between $300 and $500 to open or shut a pool for the season.

It is not dangerous to swim in a pool with its pump or filter operating; it is preferable to do so so that you may enjoy your swim in the cleanest possible environment.
If you don’t, the skimmers won’t be able to remove any trash or bugs floating on the pool’s surface, which means you’ll have to swim with them.

The standard recommendation is eight hours. However, this time may range anywhere from six to twelve hours, depending on the dimensions of your pool.
Because every pool is different, you need to determine precisely what the turnover rate of your pool is to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of your pool pump.

Backwashing your pool should take place roughly once a week or in conjunction with your regularly planned maintenance, as a general rule.
A backwash is required when the filter’s pressure gauge rises 8-10 PSI (pounds per square inch) over the initial level or “clean” pressure.

Pump circulation must be maintained at some business sites around the clock, which is something other than what should be done at residential premises.
If you are fortunate enough to possess a variable-speed swimming pool pump (VSP), which is energy-efficient, then theoretically speaking, you could operate your pump for 24 hours a day. However, it is not recommended that you do so.

Pool pumps, responsible for maintaining clean swimming pools by recirculating water through the pool’s filtration system, are one of the major energy users in houses with swimming pools. The annual energy consumption of pool pumps may range anywhere from 3,000 to more than 5,000 kWh.

If you fill a pool and add the balancing chemicals, you won’t be able to swim in it for roughly 20 minutes. If your pool has hard water and you’ve added calcium chloride to soften it, you should wait at least two to four hours, or until one filter cycle has been completed, before using the pool again.